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What’s a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is simply a feeling of intense anxiety and impending boom in absence of circumstances which justify these feelings. Basically, an estimated 16 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety conditions; ranging from full- blown panic attacks to general anxiety. Each time panic attacks you frequently in such a manner that they’re disrupting your life, its ideal that you look for appropriate methods that will help you out in ridding them. This write up will provide you with effective panic management tips that you can make use of in your attempt to reduce the condition.

Tips on How to Reduce Panic

Tip#1: Recognizing that you’re Having a Panic Attack:-

First and foremost, it’s ideal that you know that you’re having a panic by recognizing the usual symptoms of the condition. Be aware that not every person experiences the same symptoms of this disorder; but common ones include a rapidly beating heart, feeling if intense fear, difficulty breathing, chest pain, chills, flushes, nausea as well as lightheadedness.

Tip#2: Getting a Proper Diagnosis:-

It’s also important that in your attempt to get a panic solution you ensure you get a proper diagnosis of the disorder. This is due to the fact that some medical conditions often present the same symptoms. It is therefore recommended that you visit any qualified physician in your area so that you can get a complete physical examination as well as be able to share with him/her about the emotions you experience after, during and before the attack. A physician will most likely advice you on the various medications you’re supposed to take or can recommend you to a therapist who’s qualified to deal with the disorder.

Tip#3: Exploring Behavior Therapy:-

Explore behavior therapy in your attempt to reduce panic; whereby you engage yourself in activities that will help you out in reversing your body’s physical responses to stress. Generally, typical practices that can assist you in this include; relaxing muscles and slowing your breathing rate in order to regulate your heartbeat. You can also learn more techniques of exploring behavior therapy by seeking for the assistance of a qualified therapist.

Tip#4: Considering Desensitization Therapy:-

Considering desensitization therapy with any licensed psychotherapist who’ll create for you gradual, controlled exposure to the problem or concept which causes your anxiety is also important. Basically, through exposure, you’ll be able to build a level of tolerance and therefore be able to replace negative association with a benign one. This in the long run will help you in reducing your panic experience.
Last, but not least, if the aforementioned panic solution tips fail to be effective, kindly to do not hesitate seeking for the assistance of your doctor. Thank you.