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Klonopin information that you need to know

Klonopin falls in the group of drugs- benzodiazepines. It works by affecting the unbalanced chemicals in the brain and thus proves as a cure for anxiety. It may also be used for curing seizure disorders as well as panic disorders. However, it can also be used for other medications.
Klonopin should be avoided in case you are suffering from liver diseases or are allergic to the medicine. Because it can also cause harm to the unborn child, therefore it should be avoided by the pregnant women. Women who are breast feeding should also avoid Klonopin because it can harm to the infant. However seizures during the pregnancy are not good because they harm the child as well as the mother. You should also not stop taking Klonopin immediately in case you know that you are pregnant. It should be discussed with the doctor.
People who have had suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide should also avoid taking Klonopin. It is important to consider that while on the treatment of Klonopin, you should visit the doctor as and when he/she calls you. Regular and prescribed visits to the doctor should not be skipped or missed because the doctor needs to check the effects of medicine on you.
In case of any side effects or worsening situations, you should call the doctor to check immediately and do as prescribed. Before taking the treatment of Klonopin, it is important to inform your doctor about liver or kidney diseases. Any breathing issues should also be informed to the doctor. Other things that you should inform to your doctor include history of alcohol or drugs or depression, suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol addiction, liver or kidney diseases and glaucoma.
While on the treatment of Klonopin, you should keep away from the alcohol. This medicine increases the effects and side effects of alcohol further. This medicine should also not be shared with anyone else because it can be habit forming.